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हमारे बारे में

We, Chhape and family, offer you the possibility to discover and combine yoga-trekking, yoga-culture and yoga-rest, one place to enjoy the yoga & trekking in himalayas. We believe Yoga & Meditation in Himalayas is equivalent to immortality one can possess. The family’s yoga shala, with a view on the majestic Himalayan Mountain Range, can be found a couple of minutes from the center of the mountain village Vashist. Besides the rooftop bars, temples and hot water springs Vashisht and the adjacent Manila have to offer, we can introduce you to the local jovial population. Once we leave the center of Vashist, we’re surrounded by multiple paths that lead us to the many waterfalls and woods the Valley of Gods counts.

The real power of the Valley lies in the rest, beauty and powerful energy she offers. When the season to travel to Vashist isn’t optimal (besides for snow lovers who don’t mind to get stuck in a Himalayan mountain village), we provide you with travel plans for entire India. Whether you want to discover the South or explore the Rajastan area: Chhape is a seasoned guide with experience all over the Indian country. He has the finesse and the ability to read people and their expectations which he adopts to create a fitting plan. Discover which travel plans you can compose – whether you travel as a group, individually or as yogateacher with its pupils.

Meet our team

हमारी टीम से मिलने

  • Chhape
  • Amar
  • Marleen & Martine
    Marleen & Martine

Born and raised in Vashist he knows the locals and the environs like the back of his hand. He built up a wide expertise as a guide covering the whole country of India. During this time he could adopt his ability to create a perfect traject based upon personal preferences of the travelers he accompanied. His sense of humor is widely acknowledged and he loves to make use of his organizational skills.


Amar is born in Vashisht and besides being a farmer he’s also an experienced guide.

He is the master of Amar’s guesthouse,  can help you in English and is joyful and interested.

Marleen & Martine

In her forties, Martine discovered the perks of yoga as a way to stand still and find a manner to connect. For her it was a way to rediscover her own being and what it means to find peace of mind, every time again.

Marleen has a managerial function in an IT-company in Brussels and recently discovered yoga. Besides that, a lifelong dream of wandering through the Himalayan Mountains needed to be fulfilled.

Their yoga teacher organized a retreat to the Himalayas and without a doubt they signed in to this journey. The combination of yoga trekking and the location is what sparkled their enthusiasm. They didn’t only find their selves but also got the chance to meet enriching people.

After this journey, they keep on searching ways to travel back to India, resulting in a close collaboration with Chhape and his family. They find purpose in inspiring people to discover the values and culture India can offer.