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Open Lotus Yoga offers you the possibility to discover and combine yoga trekking, yoga-culture and yoga-rest. 

Our yoga shala, with a view on the majestic Indian Himalayan Mountain Range, can be found a couple of minutes from the center of the mountain village Vashist. Besides the rooftop bars, temples and hot water springs Vashisht and the adjacent Manali have to offer, we can introduce you to the local jovial population. Once we leave the center of Vashist, we’re surrounded by multiple paths that lead us to the many waterfalls and woods the Valley of Gods counts. The real power of the Valley lies in the rest, beauty and powerful energy she offers. We believe Yoga and Meditation in Himalayas is equivalent to immortality one can possess.

When the season to travel to Vashist isn’t optimal (besides for snow lovers who don’t mind to get stuck in a Himalayan mountain village), we provide you with travel plans for entire India. Whether you want to discover the South or explore the Rajastan area: Chhape is a seasoned guide with experience all over the Indian country. He has the finesse and the ability to read people and their expectations which he adopts to create a fitting plan.

Discover which travel plans you can compose – whether you travel as a group, individually or as yogateacher with its pupils.

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